Atropine Treatment

What is Atropine for Myopia-Control?

Atropine eye drops have been safely used medically to dilate the pupils for close to 100 years. 

Recent research has shown significant reduction of Myopia (50-60%) with ultra-low doses (.01-.025%). The main difference between the latest research an older research is not that atropine is effective, but rather that atropine in low doses which produce almost no noticeable side effects is also effective.

Benefits of Atropine:

One of the main benefits of Atropine over other methods of myopia control is that it is more suitable for younger children. The recommended age to begin treatment for Myopia is as young as 6 years old. In many cases the maturity required to care for Ortho-K contacts is at a much later age. Additionally the cost of atropine is significantly more affordable than Ortho-K. The draw backs of Atropine, is that it still requires day time contacts or glasses, which is one of the added benefits of Ortho-K.

Atropine Program Overview:

Patients are prescribed to use one drop per eye daily, and will still need to wear glasses or contacts during the day. Side effects may include blurry vision up-close or sensitivity to light, depending on the dosage prescribed.

Program Details:

The Atropine Myopia Program is a year-long program that includes the medication prescription and evaluation process, a Visual Education Session, and Quarterly Follow-up Visits.

Specifically, the program includes:

  • In-office application and evaluation of atropine eye drops.
  • Visual Education Session to help the patient improve their visual habits, reducing eyestrain and limiting the environmental effects that can increase myopia.
  • Training and education for patient and parents about using the eye drops and possible side effects.
  • Medical follow-up visits for the first month.
  • Prescription to purchase atropine eye drops at a pharmacy.
  • 1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month, and 9 Month Follow-up visits for myopia evaluation.



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